Drop Down Menu For Blogger

What is a drop down menu and how do I create a drop down menu?

Drop Down Menu is a row column that contains the links in a blog or website.

For more details can be seen on the right side bar of this blog .. drop down menu look more or less like this: 

When my friend clicks on the drop down menu, or it will display the links that were lined up down or up, depending on the number of menu links are stored.

Try just click on one, it will open new window installed in accordance link there, without leaving this post.

Then how do I make a dropdown menu? 

Only by adding the following script html code on the post or a new gadget in your sidebar


Blue = url address
Red = Display / display

Center = can be changed form so that the position of the drop down menus are left lane
Congratulations Experiment,

Thank for your time  ..
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